Gostilna Ribič

When fresh seafood and meat compete

Dravska ulica 9, Ptuj, Slovenija
Slovenian cuisine
From Rivers and Seas
Miha Petek

On the terrace of the Ptuj ‘Sea’

Gostilna Ribič in Ptuj is the most well-known fish restaurant in Styria, and, in a region where every restaurant has a fish section on its menu, that is saying something. It is right then that Gostilna Ribič is located on the shores of Ptuj lake, also known as the Ptuj ‘Sea’ – the largest lake in Slovenia.

On the terrace of Gostilna Ribič beside the Drava river, to where a footbridge leads from the Ptuj spa on the right bank of the river, while on the left it is reached through the streets of the oldest town in Slovenia, rather than the usual ‘fishy’ smells of fried squid and picarels, here the air is filled with the aroma of wild fish from the oven. Because local ‘patriotism’ means a lot in Styria, the fisherman is also a butcher who prepares Ptuj chicken his way – fried drumsticks, stuffed breast, sauteed livers with buckwheat.



Leave your car on the right side of the river and set off on foot over the footbridge. It is more pleasant on the terrace than beneath the arches of the bridge. The new team is experienced enough to cater for those guests who are ‘demanding’ and ‘unconventional’.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

4 courses

32 €

Wine list

sommelier: Mirko Vidovič
wine labels: 80
house wine: Ptujska klet


A spacious terrace beside the Drava river, and beneath the arches of the bridge