Gostilna Šiker

Styrian food of the Šiker’s generation

Močna 7, Pernica, Slovenija
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Slovenian cuisine
Traditional and Contemporary
Nataša Cotar

Styrian cuisine for well over 100 years

Probably the most well-known restaurant in Styria, even now when there are no longer lengthy queues of heavy goods vehicles constantly passing by. The heritage of the generations dates back to 1870, but not only the generations of the Šiker family but also the generations of their guests. Some come from this side of the border whilst others from the other side, some come for workers’ lunches during the week, others to settle deals, some come to fish, while at the weekends visitors tend to be families gathering for lunch, celebrations or ceremonies – and that is how it has been for centuries. Every day at Gostilna Šiker there are tempting aromas of sour soup, veal stew, bograč stew, roast pork, roast duck with mlinci, veal shank, beef…in short, great traditional Slovenian food!



The charlotte cake is the house ‘star’, whilst the calves’ liver is reason enough to turn off the motorway. The sour meat soup is the best medicine for the night before, the roasted pike perch is thanks to the anglers’ luck, duck is available year-round, and the veal breasts leave a lasting legacy in the wills of Gostilna Šiker’s regular guests!


Tasting menu Chef Hat

5 courses

29 €

7 hodov

40 €


Three dining rooms, a bar, a room for special occasions, and a large garden too


ethnographic museum, family hotel