Gostilna Vovko

Genuine Dolenjska cuisine

Ratež 48, Brusnice, Slovenija
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Dolenjska food on the grill

Every real Slovenian restaurant should have an obligatory ceremony whereby, prior to ordering, guests are first taken on a tour! Of the owner’s vegetable garden – of course! But even in this regard Gostilna Vovko is an exception, as you will then also be taken to the vineyard, and, before dessert, to the orchard too! Grills are also an integral part of Slovenian cuisine, hence the Vovko family are masters of the Slovenian rosti grill. They even know the name of the charcoalmaker and have a long list of suppliers in Dolenjska who ensure that the cold-cut platter features the best bacon, the potato soup also contains blood sausage-filled ravioli, and that there isn’t ribeye steak on the rosti grill but rather beef patties from young fattened calves served with kajmak, and also braciola. 

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Vovko doesn’t surprise. Vovko doesn’t reveal. And Vovko doesn’t experiment. Vovko just cooks and bakes what we all love. And it does so Dolenjska-style in a way that very few do. Therefore, this family restaurant, set in an idyllic village, has local suppliers and ingredients, a garden, a vineyard, a hen coop.


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4 courses

30 €

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35 €

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40 €

7 courses

45 €

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sommelier: Rok Vovko
wine labels: 220


The veranda is the place for something quick, in the dining room there are aromas of the rosti grill, while beneath the vaulted ceiling there are white tablecloths, tables from castle parquet flooring and doorposts from the surrounding town walls


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