Gostilna Zorko

Prlekija food with a difference

Boreci 5h, Boreci, Slovenija
It’s good
Slovenian cuisine
Traditional and Contemporary
David Vaupotič

Always good

Times have changed. In the past country restaurants were busy with workers coming for lunch, post-funeral gatherings, and at times of the winter pig slaughter. These days, however, people are more concerned with who is the chef, what is on the menu and in the cellar, what model of car is parked in front of the house and what horsepower it has. Of course, it’s still important that there is a roadside terrace, daily specials, ample space and mother’s tünka, however, in addition to offering what is ‘always good’, at Gostilna Zorko they offer more. This makes it worth your while to find out more about Prlekija and the only Slovenian chef with a Michelin star.



When outside the restaurant it says: “Pork and cabbage stew with blood sausage, roast duck with pasta tatters, braised venison, Prlekija štruklji, beef chuck, veal shank, oxtail, bograč stew, tripe, veal stew”, you know you have made the right choice. And then when you see that there is a further two pages of dishes on the menu, you realise that even here in the countryside it is possible to mix tradition and modernity, as long as the Prlekija dialect is maintained too!

Wine list

sommelier: Dušan Zorko
wine labels: 35
house wine: Simon Černel


A terrace for light lunches, a special room for tastings, and a large dining room for village events