Gostišče Kapušin

Homemade Bela krajina food produced by an excellent chef

Krasinec 55, Krasinec, Slovenija
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Ana Kapušin

Bela krajina pogača flatbread

“Here’s a little pogača, so it will make the wait easier” – this is the traditional greeting at Kapušin in Krasinec, a border village beside the Kolpa river between Metlika and Črnomelj. For many it is too far to go, but it is precisely because of restaurants such as Kapušin that it’s worth going for a day trip – since everything in Slovenia is nearby! Alongside Bela krajina folklore, without which its unlikely that tourists would visit, Kapušin is a solid village-rural restaurant that offers authentic local food. If there are too many of just two kinds of restaurants in the Slovenian countryside – those that are village restaurants just because of the locals at the bar, and those that are town/city restaurants just because of the fish in the freezer then Kapušin is of the third kind – the type of which there are far too few: locals not (only) at the bar but also eating the local food too!



A traditional restaurant in a village that it would be a shame to leave just to locals from this and the other side of the border river. Ana Kapušin is, namely, the best chef in Bela krajina!


Tasting menu Chef Hat

5 courses

42 €

Wine list

sommelier: Roman Kapušin
wine labels: 90
house wine: Oto Šturm


a winter garden, fireplace, greenery and table linen


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