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Organic impressionism on a plate in the modern village restaurant

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Impressions from the mountain pastures

The beef soup leaves an impression on you, and you haven’t even yet tried the vegetable soup. The žlikrofi dumplings originate from just over the hill, while the krapi dumplings originate from just over the mountain pastures, but one needs to come to Sorica to try them both! Mohant cheese is fairly well known, but Sorica cheese is known by word of mouth. Daily lunches don’t start until the afternoon, and one needs to order several courses to taste the best of the local dishes. At Tolc not even the locals are found behind the bar, but rather in the well-stocked wine cellar, and they don’t order homemade schnapps alongside their beer but rather alongside sweet walnut struklji in a wine sauce.

Tolc is a culinary surprise, because in the most beautiful village in Slovenia and on an organic farm you expect a good, home cooked lunch. And that’s exactly what you get! But it’s far better than you expected! Tolc is a traditional Slovenian restaurant 2.0!

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The restaurant is such that every town would immediately adopt it. But then it wouldn’t be Tolc, since it wouldn’t have an organic farm, 10 heads of cattle for the beef soup, hunters from the neighbouring village, home cooked food for the third millennium and 35 comfortable beds for an unforgettable alpine holiday.


Degustacijski meni Chef Hat

3 hodi

30 €

5 hodov

45 €

7 hodov

60 €

Wine list

120+ wine labels, whole Slovenia, France, Italy, Spain


A bistro for locals and a homely yet modern restaurant with a wood burning stove, artistic pictures and a wine cellar for day trippers and holidaymakers


eco certificate, Green Key, wine cellar, accomodations