Grajska vinoteka

A showcase of wines with accompanying food above Ljubljana

Grajska planota 1, Ljubjana, Slovenija
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Dušan Bulatović

A view and food with wine

Of course, this is first and foremost a wine shop, which offers more than 300 of the best Slovenian wines from all three wine-growing areas, as well as hand-carved prosciutto and other dried meats to match.

But Grajska vinoteka is also a terrace, of which there are many in Ljubljana but this one is different. In fine weather there is the most beautiful view of the city and you can take the funicular from the city direct to your table! That’s why spectators are rewarded at Grajska vinoteka; they come for wine, order a little something to go alongside and enjoy the Ljubljana’s sunset.

While elsewhere you can afford wine to pair with good food, here you can treat real wines to real food!

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The roles are well distributed at Ljubljana Castle. Strelec is a gourmet restaurant that takes you into the world of culinary delights and there is a very good restaurant at the castle that takes you on a Slovenian culinary journey. Therefore, take the funicular to Grajska vinoteka to taste the best Slovenian wines and their culinary pairings.

Wine list

300+ top wines from all three Slovenian wine-growing countries


wooden terrace, minimalist dining room under arches, attractive wine cellar


Ljubljana Castle, view