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Modernity meets the Karst among Lipizzaners

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Modernity meets the Karst among Lipizzaners

Of course, one usually goes to Lipica to see its graceful Lipizzaner horses. In the same way that it is said that every Slovene should hike to the summit of Mt. Triglav, ride a white horse, and cheer on Slovenia’s ski jumpers in Planica, one must also visit Lipica to applaud the beauty of Lipizzaner horses. Lipica is the main attraction of the Karst region and one of the country’s main cultural monuments.

When one goes to Lipica because of the Lipizzaners, it’s not just about watching the superb performances in the stud farm, but also about extending your visit by taking a walk among the white fences and green pastures, cycling among the hills of the Karst, playing golf on a prominent estate, sleeping in hay in a modern hotel…And this is where Gratia steps in!

Those who only come for a coffee will return due to the aromas of the Karst. Those who only eat jota, will be more curious next time, and those who don’t have time, will take more time in future. You can start with a typical Karst snack, where the bora winds create the best prosciutto, followed by homemade tortellini filled with wild asparagus, or ricotta flan, with an aroma of Karst herbs and Istrian truffles. And then a hard decision awaits in choosing between octopus with pumpkin and orange, sea bream with cauliflower, chicory and juniper, calves’ cheeks with parsnips and sweet potato, saddle of Mangalitza pork with artichoke, hazelnuts and Teran, duck breast with honey, pear and kohlrabi…And, if you don’t have room for dessert, then all the more reason to visit again – finally there’s a culinary reason to visit Lipica!

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Gratia is perfectly different – from its nature to its architecture, and from the jota to the tasting menu – which ensures that its menu isn’t daunting, and thus not disappointing, so one no longer only returns to Lipica because of the Lipizzaners.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

5 courses

50 €

Accompanying wines

25 €

Wine list

On the short wine list most winemakers are from the Karst, and Gregor Cvetrežnik, a sommelier, is still collecting and choosing labels. 34 wine labels.


The restaurant is large and made of concrete, but the wood and light give its modernity a feeling of warmth.


Hotel Maestoso, Lipica Estate, Lipica Stud Farm, Lipizzaner horses