Hiša Denk

For regular guests of fine dining restaurants throughout the world, in which Gregor Vračko learnt his trade

Zgornja Kungota 11a, Zg. Kungota, Slovenija
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Not through the world but rather to Kungota

Hiša Denk is still ambitious, the only difference is that it is no longer just for locals and those over the border who happen to be passing by. Now, however, Hiša Denk’s ambitions are of a world-class standard, because it offers not only a chef but also modern guest rooms. A contemporary wooden/glass restaurant for prestige cuisine and gourmets from far and wide has emerged from grandma’s restaurant in the middle of the hamlet of Zgornja Kungota.

Nothing at Hiša Denk is simple, therefore don’t wonder rather just give in – to enjoyment and flavours! Because now it is no longer necessary to travel the world, instead just head to Kungota. Why? Well, because Denk’s food is the result of chef Gregor Vračko’s tenures in fine dining restaurants throughout the world, because there are ever more home-grown and local ingredients, ideas and even tradition, and because it always surprises and diners are increasingly enthusiastic.



Gregor Vračko has changed an old village restaurant into one of the most modern rural fine dining restaurants in Slovenia. Up to now his guests have been neighbours from both sides of the wine road, now, however, he has everything (in addition to undisputed knowledge there is also a top-quality equipped kitchen, a garden in the middle of the restaurant, and ten rooms) to meet the requirements of regular guests of fine dining restaurants throughout the world!


Tasting menu Chef Hat

3 courses (only at lunch time)

58 €

5 courses (during lunch and dinner)

85 €

7 courses (during lunch and dinner)

100 €

Wine list

sommelier Urban Skamen, 470+ wine labels


A modern wooden pavilion with a lot of glass and a terrace in the middle of the garden; the entire house has been renovated in a modern and attractive style, making it not only one of Slovenia’s best restaurant but also one of the most attractive too


1 Michelin star
accommodation (6 rooms)