Hiša Fink

Finks in their birth house beside the Krka river

Irča vas 13, Novo mesto, Slovenija
It’s good
Traditional and Contemporary
Creative and Original
Journeys and Experiences
From Rivers and Seas

New and old beside the Krka river

Tanja’s menu, as described by her husband, is a ‘walk’ that leads you through the garden to the river and then leads further into the forest. Simple ingredients go into the cooking pot and come out of the kitchen richer for it. Tanja’s menu features a lot of vegetables, memories and fish from the river Krka!

Right from the start, Damjan’s menu, as described by his wife, reveals he wants to show and tell everything, and he continues in the same vein! But, of course, no-one can be found complaining about this in this small restaurant, which has bought fine ‘Fink’ creativity to Novo mesto, since Hiša Fink has livened up the town and modernised the village.



It is immediately evident that the location, the ambience, the detail, and, of course, the food, is well thought out. Nothing is rash, nothing is over-the-top, rather it is new, different and modern. Hiša Fink has what a great many are missing – a reason to visit!


Tasting menu Chef Hat

5 courses

58 €

8 courses

82 €

Wine list

sommelier Gregor Kren, 350 wine labels


A modern pavilion with a terrace has two parts and uses – a restaurant and a bistro