Hiša Franko

Hiša Franko is up there among the world-class restaurants

Staro selo 1, Staro selo, Slovenija
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The international superiority of Ana Roš

Hiša Franko can cater for almost as many guests as it has staff! The service is polished, professional and top-notch. The range of wines, alcohol-free drinks and cheeses are particularly special. Even the reservation process is an experience! The restaurant has a protocol for welcoming guests at reception, from where they are not just taken for dinner but for an experience, and those who stay over are rewarded by an excellent breakfast the next morning. By internationalising her team, the creativity of Ana Roš – who has been internationally acknowledged and awarded for drawing from Slovenia’s specialities, traditions and uniqueness, as well as her devotion – above all to local ingredients – has gained a lot of knowledge (and skills) of sous-chefs and chefs, not only from around the world but also from some of the world’s top restaurants. But this is all to the enjoyment of guests, who Hiša Franko not only ‘allows’ to be delighted by its excellence and international comparability, but also ensures that the memory of the experience remains for a long time.

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The best restaurants in the world are those such as Hiša Franko, because they have such high ambitions, first-class service, such excellent presentation (the food), such a creative team (in the kitchen), and offer guests an experience full of enjoyment. There are no other restaurants in Slovenia where it is so necessary to just surrender yourself! Just an advance warning, so that you will find it easier to enjoy the experience even more!


Tasting menu Chef Hat


175 €

Wine pairing

80 €

Wine list

sommelier: Valter Kramar & Alen Avdič
wine labels: 400+

One of the best wine cellars and the best food pairings in Slovenian restaurants!
The basis are Slovenian wines. Orientation: smaller winemakers who produce up to 10,000 bottles a year; organic and biodynamic production. Underground basement, natural temperature below 15 degrees. The bottles standing on a shelf (not lying down), due to the humidity of 55 to 60%.


A new glass dining room beside a stream; an elegant main dining room; a smaller dining room for special gatherings; three tables for locals around the wood burner


2 Michelin stars
Michelin Sustainability Award
Ana Roš, the world’s best female chef 2017
JRE Jeunes Restaurateurs member