Hotel Piran

Seafood with ingredients on the doorstep

Stjenkova ulica 1, Piran, Slovenija
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Damir Žižek
Milana Stanič

A lof of fish from a small kitchen

Slovenia’s part of the Adriatic Sea is small, however, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  After all, how could a large fishing vessel squeeze itself into Piran’s small Mandrač port area? And how could the chef in Hotel Piran cut several-metres-long venison into pieces? The kitchen really is small, however, that is why the chef only has to take a few steps to reach Mandrač, where every morning Piran’s fishermen tie up their boats. Piran’s chefs don’t like imported fish, and at Hotel Piran there isn’t much room in the small kitchen for a large fridge anyway!

Whenever the sun shines, the promenade fills up and Hotel Piran is right at its start. Cakes are in the chiller cabinet, while for those not so keen on seafood, the menu also includes homemade fuži pasta with truffles and walnut pesto, and lamb with shallots in Merlot wine with thyme mash.



Breakfast in swimming costumes, brunch until noon, dinner served in tasting courses, and sunset on the roof.


A terrace on the beach, a dining room right next to the sea, and views from the roof


hotel and cafe