JB Restaurant

For Slovenia’s best fine dining restaurant only two letters are needed

Miklošičeva cesta 17, Ljubljana, Slovenija
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Tomaž Bratovž

The explosion of flavours

The explosion of flavours begins from the very outset with the amuse bouche, which sets the tone for what follows. JB is about gratification rather than hunger, though its definitely for the curious too. The tuna is prepared in the traditional Japanese way, but with a contemporary Slovenian twist and with stock from a large pot of bones. The tenderloin is so tender that it is best eaten raw with a sauce using produce from JB’s garden and a large combination of a little of this and that. Prawns in kadaif noodles is a staple, though its always different. Baby aubergines with mature goat’s cheese is a summer hit, which resembles barbecued meat, albeit it vegetarian.

The homemade spaghetti is named ‘the sea’, since it is like waves in a deep sauce. The sea bass with a fermented accompaniment is the masterchef’s simple fish finale. And the desserts are proof that Michelin stars are not the be-all and end-all, since fine dining cuisine is superior because every season at JB brings a new collection of unique and accomplished ideas, expressions and harmonies of flavour, endless and tireless knowledge, and unforgettable and identifiable experiences.

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JB restavracija is an exquisite Bratovž culinary salon set in a building with first-class Plečnik architecture. From ravioli with foie gras to pressed pigs’ ears…every season brings a new collection of ideas, flavours, knowledge and experience. Chef’s son assists in the kitchen, whilst daughter is helping out mum among the wines. The chiefs in the chief city!

Since the best restaurant in Ljubljana underwent a renovation, all the senses of its diners are having to work even harder! Whilst diners already had their work cut out with JB’s food, the traditional interior was somewhat drab… Of course, the problem with that is a good one – too many visitors! But now there is once again a good ‘excuse’ for Janez Bratovž to ask you: “How’s the food”?, even though he already knows the answers. His style is clean, the flavours are cosmopolitan, and each plate of food has a distinctive, recognisable, unique JB signature.

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Try, for example, chocolate with parsley, beetroot with balsamic vinegar, parmesan in a ‘balloon’, foie gras with garlic, cuttlefish with cod … and you will learn about real flavour. JB may not (yet) have any Michelin stars, it does, however, always have the JB signature!


Tasting menu Chef Hat

Menu - Tomaž (6 courses)

90 €

Accompanying wines

55 €

Menu - Janez (10 courses)

125 €

Accompanying wines

75 €

Lunch Chef Hat

3 courses

40 €

4 courses

60 €

Wine list

sommelier Nina Bratovž, 360 wine labels
all the best from Slovenia and always something new from abroad


A fine dining restaurant against a backdrop of sumptuous Plečnik architecture dating from 1920. The chef’s memories and artistic masterpieces are set between the timeless elegance of marble and crystal.


JRE Jeuenes Restaurateurs member
Michelin Plate
first Slovenian restaurant on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list
Chaîne des Rôtisseurs member