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Šmarska cesta 1, Koper, Slovenija
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Old Kogo, new Kogo

The word Kogo means chef in Istrian dialect. Until now we had to search for it, now, however it’s in Koper right in front of our nose!

Kogo’s culinary wine-deli-gourmet concept has changed an old wine cellar, with tradition, dialect and rustic touches, into cosmopolitan, trendy and modern foodie destination for the old and the young, the fast and the slow, meat-eaters and seafood fans, traditionalists and modernists and the curious – all day long and late into the night. Old Kogo has become new Kogo.

The location (wine cellar, food shop, ring road, proximity to the city and the sea), the range of food (from meat to steaks, from ‘pizzas’ to desserts, from pasta to shanks, from fish to chicken, from snacks to daily lunches, from seafood to farm produce) and ambience (attractive interior, hidden and spacious terrace) ensure a continuous flow of guests from late morning to late into the night.

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The cold cut platter featuring products from the farm is elevated to an urban presentation of the best Slovenian (and foreign) delicatessen products, the pizzas are called flatbreads and have the finest toppings, the cold starters win over the tapas, antipasti and snacks, while even those who order the thickest steak leave room for dessert.

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The interior is modern and glamorous, the terrace is calm and practical, and the whole place is relaxed and inviting.


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