Kromberk Castle Restaurant

A family restaurant with seafood served in regal rooms

Grajska cesta 1, Nova Gorica, Slovenija
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Seafood in a castle

Even though the restaurant at Kromberk Castle has regal rooms, fancy tableware, clinking glassware and food in gold frames, its hosts ensure that you feel at home, i.e. not like a serf but rather like lord of the castle!

Of course, the castle and hospitality alone aren’t enough. To ensure guest satisfaction, the food is excellent and perfectly fancy. It’s logical that there is a regal kitchen in the castle, and that seafood dishes are prepared in it, too. Everything that top quality seafood needs is right here: Primorska’s Mediterranean climate, vineyards, olive groves, Italy and a chef. Kromberk Castle is a museum, albeit one with a fine museum restaurant.

Chef Aleš Šibav is lord of the manor, but with a long fishing rod and unique seafood ideas.
Welcome to a seafood restaurant for special occasions!

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This is restaurant for a trip to the castle and a visit to the museum, for weddings, birthdays and romantic couples, and mainly for seafood with the chef’s signature.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

Freshness of the sea - 4 courses

54 €

Freshness of the sea - 6 courses

70 €

Freshness of the sea - 8 courses

85 €

Meat menu - 6 courses

60 €


3,50 €

Wine list

sommelier Mateja Bagar
very good short wine list with 50+ labels from Vipava Valley and Goriška Brda


Regal rooms – hunters and lords – and a park with an amphitheatre. Kromberk Castle is the central exhibition area of the Goriška Museum.


Kromberk Castle, Goriška Museum