Kruh in vino

Snacks with wine, finger food or spoon food

Vipolže 29, Vila Vipolže, Slovenija
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Giuseppe Margaglione

Wine with pogača bread

A warm welcome, horseradish spread and a torn off piece of bread, as well as Thonet chairs and an old wooden bench by the wall, which face a large stone and have been preserved from an old restaurant in Dornberk, while from Zemono Manor – one of Slovenia’s top restaurants – there’s ‘just’ Tomaž Kavčič – one of Slovenia’s top chefs! The two (Kruh in vino and Zemono Manor) are very similar whilst at the same time very different – which is no bad thing. They are connected by the homeliness and hospitality as well as their professionalism and sophistication and, therefore, the menu doesn’t try to compete with Zemono. The wines on offer come from the neighbouring vintner, who may just be at the neighbouring table, while the food was created by the chef (from Zemono) so that his team (in Brdo) can recreate it. In short, this place is about small snacks with a lot of wine!

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Vila Vipolže shows the way. But not only how to awaken sleeping beauties and restore ramshackle manors, of which there are plenty in Slovenia, but also how to offer hospitality. With Kruh in vino (Bread and Wine), of course!

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wine labels: 600


A cafe terrace by the park; standing at barrels or sitting at a shared table; the homely dining room with a log-burner


Vila Vipolže