Izletniška kmetija Kuren

Slovenian food from a clay oven

Stara Vrhnika 97, Vrhnika, Slovenija
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Slovenian cuisine
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Slavko Čičmirko

Good and inexpensive

The outside, with its views from the barn to Ljubljana, is attractive. Inside, its big tables, two dining rooms and the area around the bar is full. The wood burner is in the hallway, hence everyone has to pass it, and the owner’s pottery work is on show in the long chamber room, where it is pleasantly warm. There are presents on tables and locals around every table – they all seem to be celebrating something! Everyone knows each other, since they’ve been here (many times) before and hence call the owner by his name and the waiter brings them ‘the same as last time’.

An idyllic Slovenian excursion farm, where many a birthday is celebrated and from where people set off towards the motorway on a Sunday evening to return home feeling content and full. Kuren is good and inexpensive.

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When ordering it can be hard to decide …, how many veal shanks will I have this time, because last time there were more of us, how many pieces of roast beef, perhaps some ribs too … Therefore, best not to order too many starters, since the venison at the next table smells really tempting too!


The whole of Ljubljana is at the bar, while in the two dining rooms everyone is celebrating.