LALU bistro

Celje- and Pavčnik-style bistronomy

Trg celjskih knezov 3, Celje, Slovenija
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Creative and Original
Urban and Different
Wine and Food
Global Cuisine
Damjan Čulk

Bistronomy in Celje

If you want to eat well, then chef Marko Pavčnik is convinced that it isn’t necessary to eat the best, the most top-notch, the most expensive and in the most ‘cheffy’ way every day. Therefore, together with his wife, Katja, the couple have named their second bistro after their children LAra and LUka. “A warm environment, good food, simplicity, relaxed service and a wide range of excellent wines.”

LALU is the solution to our problems! Because we are constantly searching for old restaurants, but we want to be eternally young. Because we are always looking for something new, but only the kind that we know. Because we want ‘cheffy’ food, but we don’t want over the top pretentiousness. Because we don’t have time, but we want to eat slowly. Because we aren’t hungry, but we want to eat a bit of everything. Because we’ve only come for a chat, but we prefer to talk with our mouths full. Because we are inhabitants of Celje and we haven’t got anywhere to go/because we are in Celje and we don’t know where to go. Because, by the way, we like to eat well!

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LALU isn’t a replacement for fine dining and ‘cheffy’ rules. LALU isn’t an excuse for not having the time, the will, an anniversary or holiday pay. LALU isn’t a remnant of Pavus and chef Marko Pavčnik’s substitute. LALU is a bistro in the centre of the city, which happens to have a famous chef, more wines than beer and chicken stuffed with foie gras, but you didn’t visit because of all the aforementioned, you came because it is nearby, in the heart of the city, smart, youthful and relaxed; a place where the bao buns are from New York, the cauliflower from Lasko, the bacon from Cigoj and the dialect from Celje.


Cold starters Chef Hat

Cold smoked trout, crème fraîche, dashi, horseradish mayonnaise

8 €

Stracciatella cheese, eggplant, pistachio, strawberries

8 €

Hot dishes Chef Hat

Cauliflower, truffle cream, hazelnuts

10 €

Bao buns, marinated pork, kimchi, cucumbers, wasabi mayonnaise

10 €

Crispy tuna, yogurt with spring onions, salad

16 €

Chesse dumplings, herbal cream, parmesan foam

11 €

Veal spider steak, puree with truffle, green beans with pancetta

18 €

Desserts Chef Hat

Chocolate garden

6 €

Creme brulee with tonka and blackcurrant sorbet

6 €

Wine list

In bistromania the wines were white and red, but in bistronomy they must be of all colors, styles, prices and winemaking stories. LALU respects this with a wine list (50+ labels), which offers a range from champagne to fresh, matured and macerated Slovenian wines per glass, from 20 to 100 euros in bottles. For everyone and for all dishes.


Tables for two are for sharing and socialising at the same time, since everyone knows each other, socialises and eats together in this small restaurant with high windows and walls complete with aged wood and modern iron.