sophisticated gastronomy in a pedestrian zone

Stari trg 11, Ljubljana, Slovenija
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Who, or what, is Landerik?

Landerik is located in old Ljubljana, however, it makes Ljubljana seem like a ‘new’ city. It is situated in Stari trg (Old Square), however Landerik may be for tourists, but, because of it, Ljubljana’s locals can be found returning to the old town to visit.

Landerik is in a pedestrian zone, through which one can take a journey throughout Slovenia. It may be located in the city but it is fitted out as if in a village. Landerik’s waiting staff may wear bow ties, but it isn’t a stuffy restaurant. It has a group table and is an intimate restaurant. It may have small tables but it has a big selection of dishes. Landerik offers fine food and warm hospitality. 

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Landerik is a Slovenian culinary tradition, of which there is no shortage in (old) Ljubljana. However, Landerik is not stuck in the past, and is proof that Slovenia is already a true land of gastronomy.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

4 courses

48 €

5 courses

55 €

7 courses

70 €

9 courses

90 €

11 courses

110 €

Wine list

sommelier: Amir Krcić
88 wine labels; 63 wines per glass and 18 wines per coravin


The street and the oblong-shaped interior, which is divided into two parts, features a combination of wood, cold rolled steel, teracotta tiles and upholstered benches


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