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The Le Petit Cafe is situated in Ljubljana’s Trg francoske revolucije (French Revolution Square), hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The cafe is not only popular among those accompanying pupils to the nearby music school and visitors to the Križanke open-air theatre venue, as early in the morning one can wake up with freshly baked croissant and continue with Croque Monsieur, then brunch is available well into the afternoon.

The restaurant has the elegance of a French city bistro from the suburbs of Paris nestled somewhere between fields of lavender in Provence and the sandy beaches of the French Riviera.

The laid-back homely atmosphere with its contemporary vibe features elegant table linen, comfortable chairs, subdued and intimate lighting and a wooden ceiling – all of which means that it doesn’t really matter if the elbow of a fellow diner is too close! This place is, therefore, more suitable for a first date than a business lunch, although for the latter the winding staircase has its own charm; everything can be heard down below, while upstairs, nothing

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You won’t experience a culinary revolution in Ljubljana’s Trg francoske revolucije (French Revolution Square), but that is where the charm lies of this small restaurant, which offers a lot of everything – both on the walls and on the plates.

Wine list

wine labels: 50 (34 wines per glass)


Up the winding staircase, laid-back and elegant, intimate and vibrant, and only for 20 guests.


Le Petit Cafe