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Slap 18, Slap, Slovenija
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A rivalry of vegetables and herbs

Rivalry reigns at Majerija! The best Vipava prosciutto can be found here, however, that’s just to whet the appetite! There are also delights such as veal tartare, but what remains most in one’s memory are the crunchy celery stems served with slightly spicy yellow pepper cream. Then there are the gnocchi made of aubergine, which contrast with tomato in consistency but are a perfect match in terms of the complexity of flavour. That is why there’s nothing amiss that, with rivalry of this kind, it’s hard to find room to try other dishes such as shank of suckling pig, mufflon tagliata, veal cutlet and pork fillet – well, there’s always next time! It’s only a few steps to reach the spacious wine cellar, which features 150 Vipava wines, and since they have rooms at Majerija too, there’s no need to worry about driving home!

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For vegetarians who only slip up when it comes to prosciutto, and for meat eaters who only eat meat because they haven’t yet been offered a suitable vegetable alternative. And, of course, for all those who like to eat well and sleep in peace in the countryside!


Tasting menu Chef Hat

5 courses

34 €

8 courses

46 €

Wine list

sommelier: Matej in Tanita Tomažič
wine labels: 160 (wines from Vipava)
house wine: Igor Pregeljc iz Slapa


A former dairy farm that belonged to Counts is today a hospitable homestead


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