Nejka & Uroš Klinec

Brdo salami and grilled food with a view

Plešivo 51b, Dobrovo v Brdih, Slovenija
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A ‘house of art’

It began one way but ended up differently. Uroš studied engineering and then became a chef, butcher and householder. Together with Nejka they first opened a bed-and-breakfast, however, nowadays guests often find they don’t have enough time to sleep since on the terrace, from which Brdo and Collio appear within arm’s reach, it’s so pleasant that they linger there until dawn! The prosciutto offered by the hosts for breakfast is also turned into salami with a distinctive rind in the modern curing chamber. 

They invited some artists who so fell in love with the place that they now come in increasing numbers and, as a result, the homestead has become a ‘house of art’ – from the ‘first dinner with friend’ to the (not) ‘Last Supper’ on the wall. Therefore, when visiting Nejka and Uroš it’s best to, above all, expect the unexpected! Welcome to this ‘house of art’ in Plešivo.



A new kind of homestead that is modern and young, a restaurant that is fun and different, parties that are marked by fine food and wine, a terrace that is hidden but where everything is visible, and art that is relaxed and holiday-like.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

4 courses

40 €

5 courses

50 €

Wine list

sommelier: Nejka Klinec
wine labels: 50, mostly orange wines
house wine: natural wines Klinec


A modern dining room with a glass wall, a full bar and an open kitchen; a wooden terrace with far-reaching views


Goriška Brda, homemade prosciutto and salami, accommodation