Njami sushi

Japanese sushi for eight in Maribor

Cafova ulica 5, Maribor, Slovenija
It’s good
Urban and Different
From Rivers and Seas
Global Cuisine
Gregor Jagodnik

Sushi are njami (yummy)!

Njami sushi is a sushi bar in which Japanese can be found lingering over the omelette and sushi rice, which is always a good sign! Njami sushi is the best place in Maribor to delve into the world of Japanese flavours, traditions, culture and juicy sushi! Therefore, the sushi at Njami sushi aren’t found on the usual conveyer belt, and Njami’s sushi masters aren’t Japanese. Sandra and Grega have transformed their youthful enthusiasm into a successful business and a big ‘secret’ among Maribor’s gourmet crowd!

Njami sushi is love at first sight! So, watch out, once you have tasted their flavoured rice, no others will taste the same, and you will discover that raw fish no longer seem so ‘scary’, soya sauce isn’t just a ‘puddle’ for rice, knives need to be sharp, there aren’t only four flavours, and sushi isn’t just a fly-by-night trend!

Since Njami sushi only has three chairs at its sushi bar, we shouldn’t really be telling you all this. So, don’t spread the word but rather enjoy it for yourself or with eight of your best friends at the most, that is if you can squeeze around Njami sushi’s small tables!

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Njami sushi is exactly what those curious about sushi need to convince them to finally ‘head to’ Japan! Njami sushi is also exactly what every sushi sceptic needs to convince them to put something raw in their mouth! And Njami sushi is exactly what every sushi enthusiast needs, so now there’s no need to go hungry in Maribor!


Omakase menu Chef Hat

Small - 12 courses

30 €

Large - 20 courses

50 €

Wine list

wines Marof


Three seats at the bar and a further eight at four high tables.