Nova rajngla

A freshwater fish restaurant with local flavours

Preserje 9a, Braslovče, Slovenija
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Jan Resnik

Danube salmon, pike and carp

Why is Slovenia full of lakes and rivers, yet the country’s coastline is short but the fish menus are long? Nova rajngla is located next to a fishpond, therefore it’s a fish restaurant but not a seafood restaurant. One isn’t only on a ‘salty’ holiday at Nova rajngla but rather on a ‘sweet’ excursion! Come to the park next to the Savinja river, take a walk around the lakes, quench your thirst in the beer garden, and become curious when you smell the aromas coming from the new pans in the restaurant upstairs.

When the tables are finely laid and the drinks are poured, they also take care of the selected accompaniment, from local farms, neighbouring fish farms and from the best Slovenian vintners! Therefore, Danube salmon, pike and carp are awaiting you with pleasure!

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Nova rajngla is the ideal place for a culinary excursion, on which the fish on the menu is freshwater rather than saltwater, therefore instead of John Dory with truffles you can order carp with trout caviar, and in beer sauce to boot! Because Nova rajngla is serious about freshwater fish, listen also to the chef when he promises modern and local and serves rabbit with barley, calves’ liver with buckwheat, frogs in beer, venison with forest berries, Krskopolje pork with crackling, and wild boar goulash.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

3 courses

26 €

4 courses

35 €

5 courses

42 €

6 courses

48 €

7 courses

56 €

Wine list

Very good wine list with best Slovenian wines; also some unknown vintners, also local. Sommelier Tadej Zakošek.


A large terrace above the lake, a big dining room with fine tableware.


Three fishponds, a park next to the Savinja river, a beer garden, excursions in the surroundings.ob Savinji.