Operna klet

Sleeping in the cellar, fish on the terrace and roof

Župančičeva 2, Ljubljana, Slovenia
It’s good
Traditional and Contemporary
Urban and Different
From Rivers and Seas
Rene Krušič

A seafood cellar on a city roof

Because Slovenians are crazy about seafood, Operna klet, which was the first seafood restaurant in Ljubljana, has merely added the present to its long tradition; ever since it moved from the cellar to the garden, bistro and roof terrace, the food is still as it was in bygone days (for 100 years!) but today’s dishes are fresh, crisp, aromatic, alive and, last but not least, pleasing to the eye. Therefore, the new Operna klet is a variation of the memory of cod and squid, although the former are in the canteen every Friday, and the latter are synonymous with a dish that can be found everywhere. Operna klet is a seafood classic, but on a different level. Operna klet is a tradition, albeit one of today.

Operna klet is the place for breakfast for those exploring Ljubljana’s attractions, who sleep where their ancestors stayed out into the night. Operna klet is the place for lunch for the chosen ones, who don’t hide away in a cheap cellar, but rather want to be among the people across the street. Operna klet is the place for a dinner party for Traviata, because love (of seafood) always wins in the end. Operna klet is the place for those with a desire for seafood who don’t need new dishes because the old ones are eternal.

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Operna klet serves squid on new plates and offers good wines to accompany the squid. Operna klet fries squid with paprika and cod with panko breadcrumbs. Operna klet is for MPs, tourists, old residents of Ljubljana and all the young.

Wine list

There aren’t many labels (30+), but among them you can find all wine styles and all wines (except champagne) are available by the glass.


Operna klet is now on the roof, the garden and the pavilion and, as a result, the old restaurant is simultaneously young, contemporary, glazed, attractive, small (inside) and large (outside).


city lodging, 5 rooms