PEN KLUB restaurant

A new story of this legendary cultural workers‘ restaurant

Tomšičeva ulica 12, Ljubljana, Slovenija
It’s good
It’s the best
Traditional and Contemporary
Creative and Original
Urban and Different

Old is young, and new is real!

Nothing has changed at PEN KLUB. It remains the best hidden restaurant in Ljubljana that everyone knows. The conversations at the tables are still more important than the food on the plates, which themselves are still an important talking point. And there are still old nails on the wall, even though new guests don’t remember the old Pen. The new Pen has undergone such respectful rejuvenation, that it has retained all its finery, tradition and memories, while also recreating its sparkle, liveliness and popularity. The renovation has succeeded!

The menu once featured dishes such as beef salad, bean soup, sautéed liver, roasted shank, and it still does to this day, albeit in a totally different way. Regular guests like it because it’s new, while new guests like it because it’s still old.

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PEN KLUB’s menu has two pages – old and new – but the old doesn’t reanimate and the new one isn’t OTT. The young chef Mojmir Šiftar works wonders in rejuvenating traditional dishes – real food with a youthful smile.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

4 courses

54 €

6 courses

67 €

8 courses

82 €

2 coursess (during lunch)

26 €

3 coursess (during lunch)

32 €

Wine list

160+ labels; wines from all three Slovenian wine countries


Area by the bar for nostalgic conversations; a blue dining room with an old ceiling, which was revealed when the panelling was removed; a white dining room, where there were once toilet facilities and are now multimedia works of art.


Slovenian Pen