Pikol Lake Village

Creative cuisine with the finest seafood ingredients

Vipavska cesta 94, Nova Gorica, Slovenija
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Tadej Gašparin
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In a cabin with many surprise to please the eye

There are more than enough reasons to visit Pikol Lake Village. For example, every year, on the exact same day, lotus flowers awaken faith, hope and beauty, which is reason in itself to visit. Then there’s the log cabin beside the flower-covered lake, which is located on the edge of town of two countries and, upon every full moon, changes into a fairy-like scene on the edge of the forest, not to mention the fireplace at the bottom of the wooden staircase beside the log cabin, where you can enjoy something bubbly and sparkling in the comfortable armchairs, and listen to stories on the glazed terrace where time stands still. And the glasses have such high stems that you need to hold them with two hands! There are so many paintings on show, that they have run out of wall space, therefore there are a further hundred of so on display in museums and warehouses. All of these are reasons to visit, but you will return because of the food! Because, in the midst of this fairytale, what is really most special at Pikol is what is on the plates!



It is only here at Pikol that seabass carpaccio, which is available widely on menus elsewhere, is a house speciality that the owner has sliced so many times that he required a shoulder operation! And the fried picarel, even though here they are eaten using your hands, are a speciality too; they come served with mash, which adds crunch, and vinegar, which gives a sweet tang. Even the colour schemes of the food on the plate, albeit largely black, are enlivening.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

4 courses

45 €

5 courses

65 €

6 courses

75 €

Wine list

sommelier: Tadej & Boris Gašparin
wine labels: 120
house wine: Silveri Estate


A large wooden cabin full of paintings and beside a small lake


Michelin Plate
JRE Jeunes Restaurateurs member
Sustainability label Slovenia Green Cuisine