Restaurant Brič

Seafood in a vineyard

Dekani 3b, Dekani, Slovenija
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Gregor Kocjančič

Sea flavours in a new location

Restavracija Brič has everything that Slovenia’s coastal region still counts as a seafood restaurant. Of course, the first thing that ‘greets’ you is a lobster pool. If the weather is fine you can sit outside, almost in the vineyard itself, or indoor in the large hall where there is ample space for a trolleyload of fish. The service, which is old school, begins with: “The catch-of-the-day today is…”, thus, to save you having to read the menu the waiting staff  suggest: “Can I help?”, with such a spirit the food can’t possibly disappoint!

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Even though the Restavracija Brič has moved from the coast to among vineyards, everything remains as it was when you were last there, and its chefs continue to treat the bounties of the sea with tenderness while preserving genuineness and authenticity.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

3 courses

33 €

4 courses

44 €

5 courses

55 €

Wine list

wine labels: 300+


Guests like the fact that it is so big that they can always get a space, that they can turn up either in shorts and/or a tie, and that it’s so bright that they can find all the fish bones!


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