Challenge the chef, not your luck!

If you win, you have got somewhere to celebrate, if you lose, they will console you at the highest level, or if you are just hungry for some gourmet cuisine, at the Perla Resort you can get this even without the roulette!  Restavracija Calypso is a place for the soul, not just for passion. It’s a fine dining restaurant with a French style of service, Italian guests and a Slovenian chef.

Restavracija Calypso’s style is, of course, Mediterranean, the splendour of its dishes ‘speak’ French, its relaxed ambience Italian, and its ingredients Slovene, while its modernity is polyglot-style! The menu comprises familiar ingredients which are given a special chef’s stamp, in particular the tasting menu, which changes constantly. The wallet-friendly prices also attract non-gamblers and other curious guests from elsewhere.

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If you like to bet on speed “eat everything you can” at Oceanis, and if you want the opportunity to relax, the Mediterranean is a good bet, while for those who aren’t the betting type, the answer is Calypso! Although there are a number of casinos in Slovenia that offer fine dining, Restavracija Calypso is by far the most refined and superior of them all.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

5 courses

60 €

Wine list

sommelier Dragan Samardžić
wine labels: 200
winery: Klet Goriška Brda


A spacious hotel dining room with elegant tableware


Michelin Plate
Perla, Resort & Entertainment