Where you ‘meet’ and eat meat

While in the past one visited a regular butcher’s shop for Carniolan sausages or other meat, nowadays you can go to Kodila. And once upon a time, cold-cut platters were only made at home while these days they are often shop bought. At Kodila, however, they are one of the central features of the shop. Such classics used to be found in every simple restaurant, now, however, you can head to Kodila to get your fill. And, if you want more, head to a restaurant – at Kodila that means just going up to the first floor! Steaks on the bone or boneless – take your pick – all of them are hung to dry and mature for four weeks. The Mangalica pork is a speciality, as are the chef’s specials, since he cooks like he speaks – partly Canadian and partly Prekmurje-style. In short, you know what you are eating!

A restaurant and steak house, a drying area for hams and a gourmet shop, light lunches and sandwiches, stews and a menu featuring burgers, Tomahawk steaks, beef and Mangalica pork, Prekmurje ham and Prekmurje gibanica cake – all of which begins with a starter of still warm pork crackling.

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The location is far enough away from the everyday hustle and bustle and well ‘hidden’, which is why Kodila is one of those places that you only recommend to really good friends!


Tasting menu Chef Hat

4 courses

48 €

5 courses

65 €

Meet Meat Eat academy master - steak cooking school with Chef

115 €

Wine list

short wine list, Prekmurje oriented


The Kodila butchers is no ordinary butchers. It boasts a shop stocked with local products and a soul, whilst behind the shop there is a restaurant, which is in a class of its own. In addition, there is a ‘gallery’ featuring the finest Prekmurje ham, a large dining area where guests can watch the chef at work and a smaller, while on the green roof terrace there is ample space for barbecues.


Ham facility Kodila, butcher shop