Restaurant Korošica

It is proof that Carinthian cuisine can also be top-quality

Otiški Vrh 25d, Dravograd, Slovenija
It’s the best
Traditional and Contemporary
Creative and Original
Urban and Different
From Rivers and Seas
Miša Blažek Kanovnik

The best restaurant in Carinthia

This 4-star Carinthian hotel for travellers – featuring wellness facilities and Thai massage and which is business-oriented, has a car park for coaches, and a golf driving range – as well as the seafood restaurant for locals that has succeeded in getting both categories of guests used to the finest tableware and long menus. There, where no one expects anything special, the head chef surprises with her culinary sophistication and expert knowledge of culinary trends, which she skilfully, beautifully and perfectly blends with Carinthia’s culinary tradition and her own enthusiasm for seafood.
Every dish at Korošica is produced by a chef who loves being at the stove and one who loves to search, be creative and to surprise.

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The hotel of choice for travellers and business people, the place where locals come for seafood and Carinthian specialities, and the best ratio between price and quality for the most demanding of foodies.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

4 courses

35 €

6 courses

55 €

8 courses

75 €

Wine list

sommelier Zofka Kanovnik
wine labels: 40+


an urban hotel in the countryside and a restaurant with good quality