Restaurant Lipa

Seafood or meat, beneath the linden tree or in the wine cellar

Koroška ulica 14, Kranjska gora, Slovenija
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Zorka Perkolič

A linden leaf for hospitality

Bite into a piece of potica at breakfast. Hear the sounds of the chatting guests who arrive in their fancy cars at noon. Ask the Austrians on the next table why they no longer go to Italy for their lunch. Answer just ‘seafood’ or ‘meat’ when choosing the menu for dinner, which will end in a non-typical Gorenjska wine cellar.

What luck for Kranjska Gora that the village linden tree, the likes of which have for centuries been the centre of Slovenian villages, isn’t on the main pedestrian thoroughfare. At Gostilna Lipa, which is far enough away from the main tourist hotspots, you can sit beneath the linden tree at the former railway station, where skiers have another option other than eating at the ‘beach’, cyclists feel like they are in a fairytale, and daytrippers can be seen tucking into calamari and much more!

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Kranjska Gora is somewhere holidaymakers head to who appreciate its beautiful, comfortable, friendly, homely and family environment. When going out for a meal, in addition to being hungry, it is important how you are welcomed, seated and served. Dinner may be in a hotel, but you also want to eat well. You could go to Lipa for calamari, but why not instead choose either the seafood or meat menu, and after eating, you can enjoy a tour of the wine cellar too.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

4 courses + a visit to the wine cellar

45 €

Wine list

sommelier Bojan Railič, 250 wine labels


The tablecloths in the glazed dining room are simple enough for fast, and elegant enough for slow, eaters.


hotel with 11 rooms