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Fine food prepared by Yuki and Tomaž, surrounded by beautiful mountains

Log pod Mangartom 57, Log pod Mangartom, Slovenija
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What does one do when you find yourself in this old restaurant, which was once known for its grilled turkey steaks in cream sauce, when you are served the new chef’s amuse bouche of chamois brains served on courgette flowers, followed by soup from three local cheeses – cow, sheep and goat – with freshly picked chanterelle mushrooms? And how about when the female chef, who is Japanese and who Tomaž Sovdat met while working in the kitchen of Slovenia’s best restaurant – Hiša Franko – creates dessert in the form of milk jam with white chocolate and caramelised honey?

Of course, you will ring the bell of the neighbouring door, where it says Gorska roža (Mountain flower) and ask if they have a room free for the night, so the next evening you can try the buckwheat chamois dumplings, which are first cooked then fried, the apple served alongside them, which are cooked in apple vinegar with tarragon, and which make such a sweet and juicy accompaniment, that there’s no doubt that you will remember this as your best ever holiday.

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The village of Log pod Mangartom isn’t at fault for once having ten restaurants and now only one, rather we are all at fault for wanting a simple, hearty and cheap lunch at every turn, while in mountainous area we just want a hearty stew. Restavracija Mangrt isn’t a place of hearty stews! Therefore, one needs to make an effort, since in this beautiful mountain village there are so many wonderful opportunities to excel oneself, that in the evening in Restavracija Mangart you will enjoy the awards ceremony.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

4 courses

44 €

6 courses

59 €

Wine list

sommelier: Tomaž Sovdat
wine labels: 45


An old restaurant with thick walls and low arches with tableware for fine dining. An old restaurant pavilion in the courtyard.


Numerous waterfalls, the highest mountain road in Slovenia, and the beauty and adrenaline of the Koritnica, Fratarica and Predelica streams …, and eco farm Černuta.