Restaurant Putr

Putr is ‘butter’ for every day

Mengeška cesta 67, Trzin, Slovenija
Traditional and Contemporary
Urban and Different
Meat and more
Aleksander Gregor Grčar

‘Butter’ – every day

With its tropical walls, American bar and colonial hotel style, Putr (a dialect word for ‘maslo’ meaning ‘butter’) would be more at home next to the Ljubljanica river than beside the ring road, however, there it would be just one among many whereas in Trzin it is unique! Every village, every suburb, every neighbourhood through which the Ljubljanica river doesn’t run needs its own ‘butter’, which can be spread on the daily bread, meaning there’s no need to always go into town and to spend time out of it. And ‘butter’ really does make everything better! Putr isn’t just ‘butter’ on fresh bread with coffee, but rather it is also ‘butter’ in five sauces for four people in just one of the seven available daily lunches, and there isn’t just a ‘buttery’ range of accompaniments to succulent steaks but also butter sauce with chef’s scallops, crab and monkfish.

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We go to some restaurants to hide away, while to others to always be found. Putr, of course, is among the latter. An urban restaurant in a village, which entices visitors with its lush greenery on the walls and choice of accompaniments to steaks.


The bar is such that one might drink like Hemingway. The walls are such that one could shoot like him. And the style is such that one would also like to write like him, while the ambience ensures that you won’t forget Putr!