‘New’ Asia in ‘Old’ Ljubljana

Shambala still remains a Ljubljana culinary inside secret. Those that know about it, know why they go there, while for those that don’t, there are enough other restaurants to suit their taste. Those that don’t like their food spicy shouldn’t go to Shambala, since it is the spices that make the food what it is. Shambala offers so much variety!

Shambala is in ‘old’ Ljubljana though not on the streets of its promenades. To find it, you need to turn off the main streets somewhat and make an effort, as is the case when you are tucking into the large crabs and tasting the spicy Asian touches. 



Shambala isn’t just about food, it’s also a travellers’ adventure! Be sure to visit before setting off to Asia, so you will be able to spot any fakes! And be sure to visit when you return, so you will be able to remember your journey over and over again.

Wine list

wine labels: 86
house wines: Vinarstvo Kupljen and Belica


The Far East – but not Chinese


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