Restaurant Sunrose 7

A getaway break in a historic hotel

Chef: Jože Godec

Jože Godec

Healing modern troubles

A getaway? Sunrose 7 has everything needed for healing modern troubles: only 18 rooms and suites, a natural pool and exclusive wellness facilities, an oasis for adults and a menu featuring the creations of the best chef in Bohinj.

And there’s more: Bohinj-style breakfast on the wooden terrace beside a natural pool, coffee and cake beneath a centuries-old chestnut tree alongside the rushing river, books and wine in a cosy corner by the fireplace, and a peaceful and comfortable break in three luxury floors of an Austro-Hungarian villa, which began hosting royal guests in 1890, and, following a thorough and attractive renovation (2019), the oldest hotel in Bohinj now offers a sanctuary for adults away from the daily hustle and bustle of life and without television, internet, stress and mediocrity.

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A holiday getaway wherein chef Jože Godec plays a starring role every evening with his contemporary takes on the traditional taste of Bohinj. There may be ‘just’ four courses, but they are always new and made from local ingredients. Also recommended for non-resident guests.


Tasting menu

4 courses

50 €

Wine list

The wines at Sunrose 7 aren’t just there as decoration on the walls, hence at dinner, guests not only taste chef’s food but also the sommelier’s accompanying wines.


A glass hotel dining room, Bohinj-style breakfast on the wooden terrace beside the natural pool, coffee and cakes beneath the centuries-old chestnut trees alongside the rushing river, books and wine in the armchairs by the fireplace.


Boutique hotel for adults only