Špacapanova hiša

Karst food – from bygone days and the present

Chef: Ago Špacapan

Ago Špacapan

A restaurant and a home

Špacapanova hiša is a village Karst restaurant, in which the pig is on every table, the štruklji are made by grandma’s recipe, the well – in which there was once water – is now home to the family’s wine, while the youngest member of the family collects antiques, vintage wines, cheese and vinegars. As they say at Špacapanova hiša: “This house is our home and it is our desire that our guests also feel at home here.” Therefore, welcome to the Karst!

Breakfast consists of multiple courses at Špacapanova hisa, while dinner is had in multiple places! This isn’t a Sunday roast at a roadside restaurant, but rather a coming-together of Karst traditions based on recipes by the lady of the house, Ada Špacapan, and the modern culinary techniques of her son, Ago, who is now the master of the house and cellar. In one room you can taste father’s wine and son’s schnapps, in another prosciutto, pancetta and salami hang among the trotters of Krškopolje pigs, the former well is used for ageing cheese and wine, you can try balsamic vinegar in the vinegar works, while on the table mother and son create the best flavours of the Karst from the best quality local ingredients. 

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At restaurants such as Špacapanova hiša cooking doesn’t only take place in the kitchen but rather on the entire farm, hence it’s not enough to just come here to eat, it’s also necessary to listen, ask, look and even explore. Špacapanova hiša is an old house in which there is a lot of new.


Tasting menu

12 courses

70 €

14 courses

80 €

4 courses

50 €

Children's menu (2 courses)

20 €

Wine list

sommelier: Urban Triplat and Ago Špacapan
wine labels: 120+; mostly Primorska region, especially Karst, mostly natural and biodynamic wines; own winery Špacapanova hiša


A homely dining room, terrace among greenery and canteen in the cellar; homely guest rooms


wine cellar, vinegar cellar, cheese cellar, prosciutto facility, accommodation (10 guest rooms)
Michelin Green Star
Michelin recommended
JRE Jeunes Restaurateurs member
Green Key