Stara gostilna

The youth behind the Piran promenade invites you on a culinary journey

Savudrijska ulica 2, Piran, Slovenija
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Kristian Zule

The old is the new

Piran is at its best when its not hot, full, noisy, and touristy; when you can wander around its narrow streets and take time to discover its hidden parts. That’s when Piran remains old, even though there’s already too much of the new about Piran too. That is why the name Stara gostilna (Old Inn) is fitting.

Stara gostilna isn’t new. Stara gostilna isn’t on the coast. Stara gostilna isn’t big and noisy. Stara gostilna isn’t for bathers and walkers. Stara gostilna is all black and gold, but its food is bright, playful and cheerful, and diners arrive on foot. Stara gostilna is only open in the evening, albeit year-round. Stara gostilna really is old, but it has a very young chef. Stara gostilna is a reason to come to Piran, other than for the sea and because it’s beautiful!

Stara Gostilna doesn’t try to compete with other restaurants on the promenade; its ambience attracts romantic couples and its menu encourages gourmets.

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Visit 2021

Photo story

Visit 2021

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Since its renovation in 2016, when it began a new, unique culinary journey, Stara gostilna has been working even more closely with local suppliers and has connected local culinary heritage with youthful imagination and talent, thus old is in fact…new!


A walk along the Slovenian coast Chef Hat

5 courses

120 €

Wine list

sommeliers: Zoran Bogdanovski and Igor Jakomin
wine labels: 400
number of distillates: 150


An intimate, designer-equipped ambient restaurant for a maximum of 22 guests in the old town centre of Piran


Michelin Plate
appartments Donatella
cigar selection