Vila Planinka

Gourmet Slovenian food in a natural way

Zgornje Jezersko 67, Zgornje Jezersko, Slovenija
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Food for the soul

You will be amazed! Amazed that after reaching the end of the long, meandering road to Jezersko there is so much natural beauty, that the centre of a small village like this has such a beautiful hotel, and that a new hotel has such admiration for tradition and respect for nature. And that’s not all! You will be amazed that such luxury has humble sustainability and simple modesty, that in the midst of tranquillity like this that the water is so ‘alive’, walks are so adventurous, and rest is so active. But you will be most amazed because it’s not just that … The best thing about Vila Planinka is that in addition to all its and Jezersko’s beauty, you can eat so well too!

Even though you will eat Slovenian food – the type that you know and love, dishes made from the freshest ingredients and using products from nearby farms, combined to produce authentic, genuine and basic flavours – you will also enjoy the creativity of the chef and the sommelier’s knowledge of the best natural Slovenian wines. And although the warm pork crackling served with watermelon comes from the butcher’s four doors away, the scorched trout is cooked in buttermilk, seabass is paired with minced bear lard, and the štruklji come with Jezersko dashi … it’s not so much a case of although but rather that is exactly why!

Vila Planinka is a comfortable, luxury hotel, hence its restaurant is in perfect harmony as it offers comfort food prepared in a gourmet way.

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We live life in the fast lane. We work too much. We are glued to our devices non-stop. And we are sure that this is natural… However, nature is found where the climate comes from a glacier, where water can be drunk direct from a spring, where doors open using an iron key, and where the lights are switched off prior to a good night’s sleep! Because you can then dream in peace about the evening experience in the company of the chef and his wine assistant!


Tasting menu Chef Hat

4 courses

54 €

4 courses (vegan menu)

56 €

5 courses

65 €

5 courses (vegan menu)

69 €

7 courses

88 €

Wine list

sommelier Marko Koren
wine labels: 250 (focused on nature and orange wines)


The lounge area, dining room and breakfast room blend into one thanks to the tastes, wood, lights, music, service, warm materials and views.


Boutique Eco Hotel (each of 23 unique rooms is a tribute to the nature and cultural heritage of Jezersko)

Michelin Plate