Vila Podvin

An old and eternal villa, a new and contemporary chef

Mošnje 1, Radovljica, Slovenija
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Janez Šetina

An eternal villa, a new chef

Vila Podvin is eternal, because it survived a king and a marshal, and it was here that the Slovenian constitution was born. Now it has a new a new chef, Janez Šetina, whose culinary skills are reflected in every dish and who uses the finest seasonal and local ingredients to uniquely change tradition into modernity. Guests who are taken by the image and ambience of the villa will be delighted by chef Janez’s unique, seasonal and attractive dishes, which change with the seasons of nature, ingredients and inspiration.

Every visit is therefore a reflection of the season, which chef Janez transforms through a multitude of colours, shapes, ingredients, ideas, talent, textures and flavours. Ravioli with morel mushrooms and wild garlic in an asparagus ragu is like a walk through the forest to a vegetable garden, and roasted confit of neck of mangalica pork upgrades a traditional bread souffle, albeit when modernity awakens old memories. Chef Janez Šetina is not limited, therefore traditional flint corn polenta from a Gorenjska farm finds itself in the company of mature goat’s cheese from Croatian Istria, the Arabic labneh cream cheese is a prelude to grandma’s coffee cake, albeit, of course, with a new cream.

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Vila Podvin is for tourists and those from Bled, Radovljica, Bohinj or Kranjska Gora seeking a special culinary experience, as well as for day trippers spending time in mountainous Gorenjska – both in summer and winter – who aren’t just hungry but also have a gourmet palate, for business guests who like peace, prestige and a removed location, for weddings and events in the garden, on the terrace or in the spacious dining room, and for curious guests who are interested in how the new chef cooks.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

3 courses

46 €

6 courses

66 €

8 courses

96 €

10 courses

116 €

12 courses

136 €

Wine list

sommelier Saša Remec
wine labels: 175


An elegant solid wood dining room with a fireplace; a beautiful castle garden with a terrace.


accommodation, 7 rooms