Domačija Novak

Slovenian food with authentic flavours, local ingredients and the Novak family’s sociability

Sadinja vas pri Dvoru 7, Dvor, Slovenija
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We shake hands with our guests

There aren’t many places that have an oven so large that it takes up almost the entire kitchen, and a vast wine cellar that includes all four colours of wine. Nowhere are the pieces of meat from the neighbouring farm so thick, or the fresh trout served with so many real flowers. And nowhere does breakfast in front of the house last so long that one can easily skip lunch, while at dinner there are so many bottles of wine uncorked that they are left on the fireplace for the morning – when everything begins again!

The vegetable garden is so impressive that it could even convert meat eaters, while the herb garden is so big one almost needs an entire day trip to experience it. The surrounding forests are full of mushrooms and the neighbour’s barns are full of livestock, while Domačija Novak’s farm is big. On arrival you are made welcome and greeted with: “We shake hands with our guests”. The lady of the house gives a wave from the kitchen, her husband comes and takes a seat, while their son pours the drinks. The veal veal shank is succulent and the breast is all one piece, the venison comes from the Trnovo forest, while there is an entire saddle of beef being grilled on the barbecue in front of the house.

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There is one long table for everyone; conversations take place in multiple languages while licking the lips is the same in every language! Those who come for the first time regret that they haven’t been before, while those that have already been coming to Domačija Novak for 30 years regret that they don’t come more often. The restaurant in Sadinja vas is a textbook Slovenian restaurant-cum-homestead.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

3 courses

30 €

4 courses

40 €

5 courses

50 €

Wine list

A lot of natural and orange wines; the wine celler is a treasure


Domačija Novak’s large dining room reflects that the owner is also an antique dealer who has a particular affinity for wood.


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