Domačija Vino Gaube

Wine tasting with a gourmet menu

Špičnik 17, Zgornja Kungota, Slovenija
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Klavdija Gaube

Tasting menu above the wine cellar

Finger food is served on a thick wooden board alongside rose sparkling wine – from homemade sausages and liver pate with pumpkin, to cheese with herbs, and crackers with walnuts and hazelnuts – enough for an entire tasting menu!

Then comes cold brawn on apple sauce with homemade salami and pickled porcini mushrooms, or beef tongue with the neighbour’s pumpkin seed oil on homegrown lamb’s lettuce. The soup tureens contain beef bone soup, buckwheat soup, bean soup and muscat squash soup, while hot starters include spring rolls, spinach pancakes filled with mushrooms on tomato pesto, and fried, crispy buckwheat on beetroot with raspberries. And then, well, then it begins for real…! Right beneath the Austrian border in Špičnik, where the road makes a heart shape as it winds its way through the middle of hills planted with vineyards, Domačija Vino Gaube’s good wine has the best food to match!

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Slovenia has a lot of tourist farms, however, very few of them also have good wine. There are even more wine shops, but even less of them know how to do anything in the kitchen other than slicing salami and baking gibanica cake. Domačija Vino Gaube, which excels at both, is therefore an exception! Go there to taste the wine and you might also be surprised at how good the food is!


Tasting menu Chef Hat

3 courses

27 - 35 €

4 courses

35 - 45 €

5 courses

46 - 60 €

Accompanying wines

14 - 25 €

Wine list

Winery Gaube, 14 different wines + 2 sparkling wines traditional method
sommeliers: Alojzij and Patrik Gaube


tasting at high tables, gastronomy among awards and above the wine cellar


Wine Gaube – Vino Gaube