Galerija okusov

Literally, a Gallery of Flavours, plus design

Novo Celje 9, Novo Celje, Slovenija
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As the name says (A Gallery of Flavours)

A fine dining restaurant, a culinary ‘classroom’, a garden exhibition, a designer’s workshop – but the best of all is the gallery of flavours! With their youthful enthusiasm and creativeness, young team creates a culinary experience for guests which ensures that everyone has a great time. The location offers free reign for fantasy, creativity and ambition – from picnics to weddings, from the outdoor barbecue to the high-tech kitchen. Galerija okusov, which is situated next to the motorway on the halfway point between Ljubljana and Maribor, has a daring concept which is innovative in Slovenia and competitive internationally. In the former stables the young team has created a restaurant that is designed in style yet with a relaxed feel.

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The young team – chef Marko Magajne, sous chef Gašper Kačičnik – have potential in terms of the knowledge, support, location, ambition and diligence. The fact that he is still learning is a plus, and he is still discovering too, which gives him an advantage. Galerija okusov is somewhat different, due to its ambience and park, ideas and marketing, youthful ambition and team spirit. At the same time, however, one knows what you are getting – a contemporary culinary experience which is attractive and tasty, aromatic and floral, and made from locally sourced ingredients, all served on plates that are picture-perfect and with a story that has to be tasted.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

4 courses

48 €

6 courses

68 €

10 courses

105 €

Wine list

sommeliers: Gašper Puhan, Anže Šmid and Ciril Drofenik, 700+ wine labels


One arrives through the park, like at a wedding, parking isn’t a problem, the welcome is warm and the seating is elegant. Could it be the most beautiful table of Slovenia’s restaurants? When it’s warm, you can sit in the park.


Michelin Plate
JRE Jeunes Restaurateurs member
Sustainability label Slovenia Green Cuisine