Gostilna Murko

A sweet rejuvenation of Carinthian food in a century-old restaurant

Francetova 24, Slovenj Gradec
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Vinko Murko Hajtnik

A rejuvenated centenarian

Although for a century, smiling has been a sign of Murko’s homely hospitality, they aren’t joking around in this old restaurant when they offer you French champagne to start and homemade gin to end. And they no longer just serve potato salad to go with the local dish mežerli, which consists of ground entrails – mainly kidney – but they also use it to fill the potato štrukelj. Therefore, Murko’s existing guests aren’t joking when they exchange suckling pig for steaks, but rather they are delighted because they, too, are rejuvenated upon tasting the sweet delights of Murko’s fifth generation.

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Gostilna Murko still serves traditional Carinthian food, but since the fourth generation specialises in steaks, and the fifth in desserts and homemade gin, Murko is no longer just a weekend restaurant with a large car park, but rather a century-old restaurant that has been rejuvenated to the satisfaction of both existing and new guests.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

4 courses

30 €

Wine pairing

15 €

Wine list

sommelier Anže Pešl, 30 wine labels


A traditional restaurant that has ample room for small and large gatherings – for fast and slow – with a covered outdoor terrace and three dining rooms in the interior.


Distillery: homemade AP gin