Gostilna Oštirka

Food from the market cooked in a slow-food way

Linhartova ulica 6, Celje, Slovenija
It’s good
Traditional and Contemporary
Urban and Different
Miran Ojsteršek

Quickly for a slow goulash

Gostilna Oštirka is a reason to not only visit Celje’s market for vegetables. Whereas once only light lunches were available, today’s Gostilna Oštirka is about plywood, sous vide and an enterprising chef. So, now you can go to the market in the early morning, then go to Gostilna Oštirka for goulash or one of the daily lunch specials, treat yourself to a homemade cake there in the afternoon and enjoy urban socialising in the evening.

Gostilna Oštirka fits well in Celje’s market. As it has a ‘real’ chef, it doesn’t have pizzas and burgers, it does, however, have snacks, lunches, and desserts, as well as two additional rooms with laid tables and its opening hours extend into dinner and the evening. The menu has dishes such as locally sourced meat with vegetables from the market or the family’s own farm, as well as others featuring more modern flavours and techniques.

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Every market needs a good restaurateur, and every city needs a good restaurant. In Celje, Oštirka meets these needs. Although Oštirka is a restaurant that you might visit in a hurry, all the best food is worth waiting for.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

3 courses

25 €

4 courses

29 €

Wine list

wine labels: 50


In front of the city market, the old city walls at the rear, and in between a bistro by day and a restaurant by night


Celje market