Old but still ever young(er)

Be prepared for new surprises in this old restaurant! Gostilna Rajh has been the best restaurant in Prekmurje for generations! And now, even with the fifth generation in the kitchen, that hasn’t changed, even though a lot has changed. The restaurant, which has been renovated in a modern style whilst retaining all its homely, family charm, remains faithful to tradition, but relies increasingly less on typical well-known Prekmurje specialities such as gibanica and bograč.

Rajh’s tradition hasn’t remained in the past and therefore isn’t just about typical Prekmurje cuisine, which is otherwise the most unique and recognisable in Slovenia due to its special dishes (and names). Thus, when Leon Pintarič, the youngest Slovenian chef (born 1994) to have achieved such a high rating, who studied in Austria and did an internship at the best Viennese restaurant Steirereck, introduces his ideas at the new Rajh, they contain everything from the past, albeit created in a new way. This, in short, is new Prekmurje cuisine!

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Gostilna Rajh doesn’t age, since every new generation makes it younger! Thus, by changing and constantly rejuvenating, in its own way it remains the same, as it was during the times of its great-grandfather and great-grandmother. Gostilna Rajh has elevated Prekmurje cuisine to a top level, but in such a way that it is still only locals who understand the names of the dishes, even though foie gras has been on the menu for 35 years!


Saisonal tasting menu Chef Hat

5 courses

55 €

+ Wine Pairing 5 Glasses

19 €

7 courses

69 €

+ Wine Pairing 7 Glasses

29 €

Wine list

sommelier: Damir Pintarič
wine labels: 70
house wine: Steyer and Marof


Following a successful renovation, it is now modern and elegant whilst still warm and homely.


Michelin Bib Gourmand
JRE Jeunes Restaurateurs member
Chaîne des Rôtisseurs member
Sustainability label Slovenia Green Cuisine