Gostilna Ribnik

Meat and fish with urban accompaniments

Naselje Srečka Kosovela 2b, Zagorje ob Savi, Slovenija
Traditional and Contemporary
Urban and Different
Aljoša Kukovica

Both city vibes and an anglers’ haunt

The area around the pond is full of anglers fishing for carp and pike, while when you step onto the glass terrace it is immediately clear why this isn’t just a place for local beer drinkers. There is vintage cognac on the dresser, natural wines in the glass cabinets, lamellar partitions between the tables, and the chef giving a wave from the kitchen. Such ambience, which has awakened the once ‘sleepy’ culinary scene of the central Sava valley, is more reminiscent of the centre of town rather than on the banks of a pond. Multi-course menus are available, while at weekends there are seafood specials and lamb shanks from the organic farm on the top of the hill.

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Hungry travellers stop off for a bargain three-course lunch, while in the evenings, locals can be found trying out the modern vegetable grill.


A glass terrace and a modern dining room