Hiša Linhart

A contemporary take on traditional dishes by chef Uroš Štefelin

Linhartov trg 17, Radovljica, Slovenija
Veganski užitki
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Slovenian cuisine
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A contemporary take on chef's memories

Linhart Square in Radovljica is increasingly without competition among the most beautiful Slovenian bourgeois squares. It has everything like they all once had and nothing like they all have today… In the square, where everyone is a neighbour, priest, notary, market vendors, potter, hairdresser, patissiere, wine merchant, bookseller and tastes of Radol’ca, Hiša Linhart is the best Upper Carniola restaurant, but also a cafe for locals, breakfast for tourists, a hotel for travellers, and a top notch cuisine for foodies.
What was once simple is today so complex that there’s no longer the time, the will and the ingredients. That’s why restaurants are needed with such chefs, who use the best (organic) ingredients to create simply great food, for which one can always find the time and will.

This is a restaurant with rooms that can’t do without local friends, a butcher, a fish farmer, a gardener, a cheesemaker, a miller…, and whose guests can’t do without traditional tastes from the best, freshest, organic and local ingredients, and unique dishes with memories and a vision.

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A top notch cuisine by chef Uroš Štefelin, while in the meantime you can pop across the square to the Museum of Apiculture and the Municipal Museum, see the latest exhibition at the Šivec House Gallery, go up the wooden staircase to the Magušar pottery studio, or have a chat with cats and friends!


Tasting menu Chef Hat

5 courses

89 €

7 courses

109 €

9 courses

129 €


5 €

Bistro menu Chef Hat

3 courses (soup, main course, dessert)

32 €

3 courses (cold or warm appetizer, main course, dessert)

39 €

4 courses (cold or warm appetizer, soup, main course, dessert)

44 €

5 courses (cold starter, soup, hot starter, main course, dessert)

52 €

Wine list

75 labels


a small baroque hotel with comfortable rooms, a cosy dining room and the most beautiful Slovenian square


1 Michelin star
Hotel, cooking school
member of JRE Jeunes Restaurateurs