Hotel Marina

Istrian seafood from the sea to the plate

Veliki trg 11, Izola, Slovenija
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From fishing boats to plates

Marina isn’t just a hotel restaurant, rather it’s a restaurant that also has a hotel! In the evening it’s not far to go to bed and next morning you can not only indulge in a massage, sauna and jacuzzi but also go for a swim nearby.

This small hotel with a menu featuring a long list of seafood dishes is situated in Izola’s Veliki trg (large square). Although the hand-written menu is on all tables, when the chef comes to the table just: “From the sea to the plate” can be heard! It’s no wonder that he always carries out his chef’s duties so elegantly since “nothing” needs to be done! His other statement goes like this: “Caught today, prepared today, but with the minimal amount of intervention in the kitchen!” And this is what makes Marina the best seafood restaurant at the Slovenian coast.

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For lunch bavette from the seabed or seasonal fuži pasta, and it’s also hard to resist the brodet-style fish soup. For dinner why not leave the choice to the chef, since he’s not exaggerating when he says: “Caught today, prepared today.” Polenta au-gratin, filled with cod, should definitely be alongside.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

4 courses

46 €

5 courses

52 €

6 courses + accompanying wines

90 €

Wine list

sommelier is Andrej Kurež; 120+ wine labels


A terrace beneath a shady pergola beside the harbour, an elegant hotel dining room


Michelin Plate