Inn Pr Čop

Zasavje dishes in a rural, regal and Čop’s way

Podkum 11, Podkum, Slovenija
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Lojze Čop

With a wooden spoon

From field to plate, this is the ethos of the youngest chef in Slovenia, Lojze Čop, in this restaurant that is a mixture of the old and the new, the regal and the plebeian, and the modern and the traditional. At the 800 metre-high farm the Čop family produce and pick everything themselves while they buy and exchange other products from neighbouring farms. At the farm there is a restaurant, in the restaurant there is a shop, and in the shop there is a post office. Mum takes care of deliveries, the son handles catering, Dad is responsible for the schnapps, and the famous Čop’s mushroom soup is cooked up by grandma. This is why locals don’t have to head down into the valley, but you do need to come up from the valley to savour a feast that begins with homemade pate and continues with other traditional, rural fare.

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When TV chef Lojze Čop says that “Wiener schnitzels and squid can be found everywhere, therefore we strive to make it homely, seasonal and authentic and special”, you had better believe him. You have to go to an altitude of 800 metres to enjoy his genuine Zasavje food!

Wine list

wine labels: 25
house wine: Steyer


A spacious dining room and large hall; the old restaurant is even more attractive, with its vintage plates and glasses and hunters’ trophies and museum.


Farm, shop, catering